Ring Main Unit customized for State Grid Standard

Product Features

1) Adopt the State Grid standard customized module, with maintenance-free design.

2) Outdoor type, fully insulated, fully sealed structure, touchable type, safe, reliable, maintenance-free, small size, light weight, compact structure, simple installation, easy operation for a variety of harsh environments, and meet the requirements of moisture, condensation, SF6 gas chamber protection class IP67.

3) Small size, easy to install and operate.

4) Spraying process and procedures in accordance with international standards, anti-corrosion.

5)SF6 gas with non-toxic, odorless and high insulation strength is used as its insulation medium.

Bus bar, connections, and load switches are all placed in S6 gas package, truly realizing outdoor type, fully insulated and fully sealed structure. Annual leakage rate of S6 gas is less than 0.25 parts per thousand. SF6 gas pressure gauge and low-pressure alarm device are installed on the box. Gas pressure can be checked at any time and can be transmitted to the control center through DTU.

6) Wiring adopts fully insulated touchable cable head, and cable wiring is safe and flexible.

7) Ring main unit has anti-maloperation function.

8) It support the automation of distribution network.

9)Support electromagnetic transformer or electronic transformer access.

10) Meet the requirements of protection, measurement, line loss collection and other functions.

  1. SF6 standardized ring main unit

  1. Standard ring main unit




  1. Standardized solid insulated ring main unit

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