Circuit breaker customized for State Grid Standard

In 2017, State Grid launched the 2017 version of the "State Grid Primary-Secondary Integrated Set of Pole-mounted Switches and Ring Main Units for Grid Entry Testing Guideline" to ensure product quality, standardize primary and secondary integrated sets, and promote the automation of China's distribution network. Four years later, the State Grid launched the "Standardized Design Plan for 12 kV Primary-Secondary Integrated Pole-Mounted Circuit Breakers and Distribution Automation Terminals (FTU) (2021 Edition)". From the types of pole-mounted circuit breakers, it is divided into pillar type vacuum circuit breaker and tank type SF6. FTU is unified as hood type. From the perspective of mutual transformer collection mode, it is divided into electromagnetic type, electronic type and digital type, which are deeply integrated. Integrated pole-mounted vacuum circuit breaker (hereinafter referred to as circuit breaker) is an outdoor distribution equipment with rated voltage of 12V and three-phase AC 50Hz. This product adopts a variety of existing sensor technology (current sensor (including zero sequence), voltage sensor (including zero sequence), vacuum interrupter, capacitive energy extraction device) using a mature outdoor epoxy resin APG casted into an integrated sealed pole column. It integrates the structure of the primary and secondary parts and achieves the functions of measurement and protection. It can be directly connected with the TU through the air plug, and wiring and assembly is simple and convenient.

Product Features
a) Surrounding air temperature: minimum temperature -50 , the highest temperature + 70 ; daily temperature difference: less than 25.

b) Maximum sunlight radiation is not higher than 1000W/m2.

c) Altitude no more than: 1000m.

d)Wind speed no more than 34m/s.

e)Seismic intensity does not exceed 8 degrees.

f)Maximum ice cover thickness: 10mm

g)The use place is free of flammable, explosive hazard, chemical corrosion and violent vibration.

h)Fouling grade: E.

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