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Wenzhou Kroraina Electric Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Sumching. The company is located in Liusi City of Zhejiang Province, the "capital of China's electrical appliances", at the southern foot of Yandang Mountain. Its business includes manufacturing and sales of high- and low-voltage electric power products.


The company has got the ISO9001:14001,18001 certificates, and its products meet the national standard and IEC standard. Its products are insured by the People's Insurance Company of China. The company is mainly engaged in the production and sales of high and low voltage complete sets of equipment, such as distribution switch control equipment and accessories, circuit breakers, electric energy metering boxes, 400V cable branch boxes, JP cabinets, high voltage cabinets, low voltage cabinets, DC screens, etc.

The company’s products are used by the State Grid in different provinces and also exported to other countries and regions in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, etc.


The company has been awarded the titles of excellent enterprise, AAA-level enterprise, high-tech enterprise, and awarded by the Industry and Commerce Department as the Trustworthy Company.

Wenzhou Koraina